A clean recycling process

dedicated to the production of new magnets 

From recycled NdFeB powders to new magnets

 Based on the recycling process, we develop new technologies to re-manufacture magnets from recycled powders


A proprietary recycling technology based on a  hydrogenation process

enables high recovery of  the magnetic materials with performances ready for further manufacturing.
In this sustainable recycling process, no acids or solvents are required.

Recycling and manufacturing operations aim at restoring the maximum performance of magnets for each application

State of the art engineering processes enable to meet each customer requirements.

Industry 4.0

A full characterisation of  magnets at each step of the process enables to comply with customer's specifications and traceability of the product.

In addition to a multi-phase process of creating a product out of recycled materials, highly connected production facility enables smart manufacturing and high levels of adaptability. In order to garantee high perormance level of the end product, our manufacturing process at each step is fully automated.