Born in the Alps

Out of lab

MagREEsource is a spin off company which benefits from more than 25 years of expertise within CNRS laboratories in Grenoble  

in the field of Rare Earth-Transition Metal phase and associated processes, which includes NdFeB magnets and Hydrogen processes.

MagREEsource has licensed the know-how and Intellectual Property developped in Neel Institute at CNRS Grenoble.

MagREEsource is supported by LINKSIUM, the Grenoble Technology Transfer Organisation (SATT), which fosters entrepreunarial ramp up.

In the heart of magnetism and innovation

As a cradle of magnetism, the Grenoble area is in the heart of innovation in clean energies and deep tech technologies. MagREEsource can thrive from the proximity of large R&D centers  as well as high tech leading companies.

 MagREEsource is hosted at CNRS Grenoble laboratory and is currently working on an industrial plant in the Rhone-Alpes region to start high scale production.

A team of experts

Two founding associates and ...three scientific advisors

E.Y. Petit

Involved in strategic marketing and business development for 25 years, he has experience in BtoB at the international scale, with management positions in the steel and powder metallurgy industry.

S. Rivoirard

As a material scientist, she holds a 25 years expertise in the field of magnetic materials and hydrogen technology as a team leader in CNRS Grenoble.

D. Fruchart

Internationally renowned specialist in the metallurgy of Rare Earth-Transition Metals alloys, he is  a CNRS Emeritus Director and author of the first patent on the hydrogen decrepitation of NdFeB magnets. 

J.P. Yonnet

Internationally renowned specialist in the design of magnetic architectures and systems containing magnets. CNRS Emeritus Director and author of more than 30 patents on applications using magnets. 

D. Montarnal

Internationally renowned researcher in the 
physico-chemistry of polymers  at CP2M, Lyon (Catalysis Polymerization Processes and Materials), CNRS Bronze Medal 2021.